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How to deal with the failure of pipe equipment production line


Pipe equipment production line is an assembly line for pipe production. The following editor will introduce to you how to deal with the failure of the pipe equipment production line:

1. The outer covering of the pipe equipment production line is not firmly bonded, and the outer glue is not well wrapped
Solution: a. To make the surface of the pipe have glue, the suction vacuum is better; b. Increase the temperature of the aluminum strip and turn on the flat heating gun;

2. The surface of the aluminum pipe of the pipe equipment production line is ribbed (raised)
(1) The production line of pipe equipment is not firmly glued to see which forming wheel the bulge occurs on, and then corresponding to which forming wheel to see the coating of the aluminum tube, and poke the aluminum and the tube blank to see the bonding after the forming wheel. If it is found that there is molten material extruded between the tube blank and the aluminum strip, it means that the temperature is too high, and the temperature of the air gun is appropriately reduced. If it is found that the bonding is not good, the temperature here should be increased. Or increase the pressure here, adjust the screw of the pressing wheel, and see the gap between the wheel and the aluminum tube from the side; there is a problem with the quality of the compounding of the aluminum tape, such as creases of the film, air bubbles between the glue and the aluminum foil, and the film is agglomerated. Adhesive, local peel strength is not enough.
(2) The position of the forming wheel is incorrect

3. Scratches on the surface of the aluminum pipe of the pipe equipment production line:
(1) There are dark scratches on the surface of the outer coating, and there are impurities in the outer coating die. The die should be cleaned; because the aluminum strip and the inner tube are not firmly adhered, the glue remains on the outer coating die, and the outer coating die should be cleaned; adjust the outer coating Extrusion volume.
(2) There are foreign body burrs on the outer surface of the water tank supporting wheel; there are foreign body impurities in the silicone skin or cooling water cloth of the sealed water tank.