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The superiority of the PP melt-blown fabric


If you want to know whether PP material(PP melt-blown fabric) is poisonous, let's first have an accurate understanding of the essence of PP material. The so-called PP material, that is, polypropylene in our daily life, is a white translucent side chain free, high-density linear polymer with good oil resistance and weak acid-base resistance. It has good comprehensive performance. It is often used in homes, barrels The production of pots, bottle caps and so on.

Inside the PP material(PP melt-blown fabric), high-purity propylene is used as the main material, including a small amount of ethylene copolymer. After drying, mixing, extrusion, granulation, screening and homogenization, the polypropylene particles are cylindrical particles. The particles are very bright and clean without any mechanical impurities. It has good mechanical properties and heat resistance, There is no poison when used in the temperature range of minus 30 ° C to 140 ° C.(PP-