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Extrusion Equipment for Socket Joint of Drainage Pipe


GRAEWE.Fangli Technology is one of the leading integrated high-tech enterprises with R&D and manufacturing of plastic extrusion line equipment: Extrusion Line for Solid Wall Pipe, Extrusion Line for Structured Wall Pipe, Extrusion Line for Special Application Pipe, Extrusion Equipment of Solid Wall Pipe, Individual Equipment of Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line, etc. We based in Houston TX the United States.

The equipment set is used for the manufacture of drainage pipe socket joint of type A structural wall winding pipe, type C structural wall winding pipe, plastic steel structural wall winding pipe, inner rib reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe and steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, which solves the problem of flexible connection of structural wall pipe, achieves reliable connection, never leakage, realizes fast connection, convenient installation and greatly reduces installation cost.