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The importance of pipe shearing in PE pipe extrusion line


The production process of the pipe in the PE pipe extrusion line, including the quality of shearing, may affect its application in the actual process. PE pipe shearing is the basic process of manufacturing pipe parts, including pipe cutting, port shape punching, Punching and cutting, etc.

Pipe shearing is a stamping separation process. Compared with plate shearing, due to its own shape (hollow section) characteristics, in order to prevent the pipe wall from being flattened during shearing, the technological measures taken are more complicated. Manufacturing has also put forward higher requirements. Compared with machining cutting, pipe shearing is suitable for mass production due to its fast processing speed and high production efficiency. Therefore, it has a wide range of application prospects, but because the pipe shearing process itself is more complicated, and the technology is not mature enough, it is not widely used in production.