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The Planetary Cutting Machine


GRAEWE.FANGLI Technology is one of the leading integrated high-tech enterprises with R&D and manufacturing of plastics extrusion line equipment: The Planetary Cutting Machine.

The planetary cutting machine is a new type of environmentally friendly cutting equipment developed according to the market demand of pipe. It is suitable for cutting medium and large diameter, super large diameter and thick wall pipes.

 vedio: https://youtu.be/4Xh-GVf7nOQ 

The planetary cutting machine is mainly composed of a welding frame, a cutting trolley that moves synchronously with the pipe to be cut, a pneumatic control, a hydraulic system, an electrical control, and a dust collection device, etc.

This machine adopts PLC control, which can be modified according to the size of the pipe or the extrusion speed. Better and more effective data can improve the stability of the machine, the operation is simpler and more durable, and it provides a strong guarantee for customers to produce high-end products.