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Single-screw Extruder Common Problems and Solutions


Extruder common problems and solutions
1. The reamer is seriously worn. If the gap between the reamer and the inner wall of the mud tank is too large, or the helix angle of the reamer blade is wrong, you should pay attention to keeping the gap at 3-5mm when replacing the reamer, and make the reamer blade according to the designed angle.
2. The surface of the reamer blade is too rough, and the friction between the mud and the blade is too large. Therefore, when surfacing the reamer, do not surfacing in groups. After replacing all of them at one time, they should be replaced gradually and in batches to ensure smooth brick production. .
3. The lining of the mud tank wall is seriously worn. The gap between the reamer blade and the mud tank wall is too large, resulting in too much rotary motion of the mud in the mud tank, and the mud cannot come out or enter. At this time, a new mud tank liner should be replaced, or a number of ribs parallel or inclined to the axial direction should be installed on the inner wall of the liner to replace the worn-off reciprocating groove, preventing the ineffective rotation of the mud and increasing its effectiveness. extrusion.
4. The gap between the mud pressing blade and the reamer is too large to press down the mud. At this time, the blade should be adjusted or repaired, and the blade should be updated to make the gap between the blade and the reamer less than 10mm.