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Precautions for operation of extruder in Extrusion Line for Solid Wall Pipe


The equipment control system of the Extrusion Line for Solid Wall Pipe is then composed of an extruder, a die head, a shaping cooling system, a tractor, a cutting equipment and a turning frame. The extrusion principle of the extruder is to use a screw with an inclined thread to rotate in a heated barrel, and to extrude the plastic sent from the hopper forward, so that the plastic is gradually heated, and the plastic is uniformly plasticized to extrude the plastic through the machine. Head and mold forming. The extruder should pay attention to the following points during the actual operation:

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the heating ring is in good condition, whether the thermocouple is inserted well, and whether the temperature measurement is accurate.

2. When starting, wait until the heating temperature reaches the set process temperature and keep it for some time before starting. To prevent damage to parts such as motors and screws.

3. When the main engine is started, it must run at a low speed for a few minutes to drain the molten material remaining in the barrel last time, and the speed can be increased only after the melt pressure and the current of the main engine are stable, so as to avoid injury to personnel by the sprayed material.

4. Parameters such as temperature, current and melt pressure should be observed in time during the operation of the equipment. And observe the heating of the motor and the reduction box. If there is any abnormality, find out the cause in time and eliminate it.